Buy-Sell and Business Funding: How It Can Aid or Ruin Your Business Survival

In certain circumstances businesses tend to experience what is called transfer of ownership. This could be as a result of death, debt,retirement, disability or disagreement between the partners involved in a business. In that case, there must be a perevious arrangement for such a situation to go hitch-free. A situation like this is best handled when there is adequate buy-sell plan. A buy-sell plan is an agreement providing for adequate transfer of ownership in any of the circumstances mentioned above. It is therefore important for any business to have proper buy-sell agreement.  A business without this might not be able to continue its operation or wound up peacefuly following a falling out of any of its members.

Essential Elements of Business Funding:

Investor Research and Introduction for fundraising companies                         

Whether you are selling off or acquiring a business the end goal is fund. Wensol business funding experts specializes in providing full-range and customized solutions for all stages to overcome any difficulties you are likely to face with raising capital.  We have measures suitable for all your tasks ranging from direct fundraising, to acceptance of new financial partner and sale of a business.  Although the process of sourcing funds for a business can be full of pitfalls and obstacles getting an ideal candidate to help you out will eliminate all the hurdles in it. An ideal candidate for you is the one who is well versed raising funds for business at the right stage. Wensol does this well leveraging its top fundraising consultants and specialists who are committed  to helping you with preparing your pitch deck, financial model, and business plan for your next capital raise. An ideal business funding service will cover our process as stated below:

  • Presentation for investors and preparation of introductory materials
  • Train the management to be able to communicate with potential investors
  • Designing and implementing a secure legal framework for investors, draft of contracts
  • Transfer of funds, studies and preventions for anti-money laundry regulations
  • Those who are interested in the area at your location
  • They are interested in an amount corresponding to the company’s needs
  • They’re opened for the company’s profile, industry investors

Buy – Sell Funding Services

Two scenerios are involved in a buy-sell situation. It is either you the one selling a business or you are buying a business. In either case, proper funding and expert advice can’t be under-estimated if there must be any success at all.

Buy side advisory      

Just like in any investment activities an advisor roles can’t be over-estimated. For example, an advisor role in a buy-side process involves advising the firm wishing to acquire another firm how best to go about. A firm gicing thisprofessional advice is therefore refereed to as a buy-side advisor. On the other hand, buy-side is the process itself and in that, it is a process of acquiring another company or business. An acquisition is always a complex process, and can also be time and resources-consuming as it is often full of several pros and cons. If not properly done it could lead to serious loss of value or even the fall of your business. In fact, there could be a wide spectrum of professional disciplines to it than you can imagine and in that, having an ideal acquisition process will mean taking care of a process ranging from accounting and financial, legal and tax aspects, to work relations and human resources, among many others.

Overall, an ideal buy-side advisor’s role include helping you in the following areas:

  • Identification of potential acquisition firms.
  • Carrying out extensive research on the potential target firm.
  • Determining the possible value/benefits and risks of the acquisition.
  • Helping in the negotiation process to reach a better terms with the target firm.
  • Finalizing on the deal.

When you hire Wensol you get all these taken care of by our advisors and you will have no worry struggling with any challenge again. To help you succeed in your acquisition process, below is what our buy side advisory services include:

  • Full advisory services to buy companies
  • Due diligence
  • Risk assessment

Sell side advisory                                                                                                                

While the functions our sell-side advisor will perform in investment banking will almost be the same as with the buy-side there are significant differences depending on the purpose of the firm. Above all our goal is to help you understand and overcome the challenges with selling a company. These, in most cases, have to do with not being able to know when, how and where to reralize most profitable value from what you have invested in the company you are selling off. To achieve this, our advisors will lead the sell-side process and work closely with you to manage it while concentrating mostly on the peculiarity of your situation and goals.

And most importanly, we achieve this considering three crucial factors as follows:

  • Full advisory services to sell stake or complete companies
  • Preparing for due diligence and reporting rules
  • Risk adjustment and management

Mergers & Acquisitions       

In a broad term, mergers and acquisitions simply refers to consolidation of assets or companies. In other parlance, it could also refer to such departments in financial institutions that specialize in mergers and acquisitons. But in our own case, we are more concerned with the former as that is the area where we offer to help you.

Looking closely at the two terms, we can further explain them in a separate definition as fllows:

Mergers: The process here involves the coming together of two distinct companies to form one strong and unified entity. In that case, the acquired firm ceases from existing on its own and becomes that of the acquiring firm.

Acquisitions: Unlike in the case of mergers the acquiring company in an acquisition process retains its name and legal after taking over the controlling power and ownership of the acquired company.

The process of mergers and acquisitions require high level of dilligence and professionalism so as not end up in loss or worst condition. The best way to go about acquisition and merger process is to go through an M&A specialists. Doing this, you will benefit from things such as getting insight and experience to go through the stages involved, developing customized strategies based on your goals, taking due dilligence to evaluate the risk and benefits involved, and above all guaranteeing you successful and profitable execution in the process.

At Wensol, our Mergers and acquisitions services cover the following crucial areas:

  • Opportunity identification
  • Due diligence
  • Legal and organization structuring
  • Business and execution plan

Getting Started: What Is The Way Out?

The most improtant of it all is not jumping at it but getting started with the right Buy-sell and Business Funding advisor. And, this can be simpler than you think. Once you identify the right candidate for your job the rest of the tasks becomes extremely simple. But even at that you need a try to determine who is best for you.

Wensol is the ANSWER!

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